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by on Feb 28th, 2012

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I have wahm shoppes and they have a wysiwyg home page creator. My problem is I want to put picture on the left side and information on my store on the right and it’s not letting me do that. I can put words there but it would just be one line. Someone did mention to use tables but I don’t know how to do this , I don’t know html. Can someone help me pls?? I’ve asked in their forum but no one answered me!!
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  • irishtek February 29, 2012

    You can design html code locally on your computer.
    There are a great many tutorials online that can also help you through this. Just do a search for “html table tutorial”
    Substitute table for anything else you want to try to use.

    I do not know wahm shoppes – but If you need help with the html, I’ll be happy to help you and point you to tutorials as you need it. Just send me an email with the request:

    html tables tutorial for what you are looking for:

  • tom z March 3, 2012

    u better find a kind of better software to do it!! for newbie i suggest u choose frontpage!!! or more professinal use dreamweaver….those 2 allow u do many feature u could do!!!with only html code without seeing the actual look of ur own site are just takes forever to correct the problems…

  • fjpoblam March 5, 2012

    In the place

    #wrapper { border: 0; margin: 0 auto; padding: 1.5em 0; text-align: left; width: 55em; }
    #sidebar { border: 0; clear: left; color: #000; float: left;
    margin: 0 0 1em 0; padding: 2em 0; width: 21em; }
    #main { border: 0; color: #000; float: right; margin: 0 0 1em 0;
    padding: 2em 0; width: 33em; }

    then in the place

    …your image…

    …your information…

  • Will R March 6, 2012

    Email me where your web page is now and I will look at the code.

  • aondrea S March 9, 2012

    Copy the code you need:
    It gives a table of two columns and two rows.

    means start “table”
    means start “table row”
    means start “table data”
    means end “table data”
    means end “table row”
    means end “table”

    Here is a Visual.

    (to see the visual you must visit: )

    The size of the table grows with the amount of data or information you stick in the tags.

    This table was given a border of 1px for visual effect: . Without the border, you’ll have a table that looks something like this:

    blah blah
    blah blah

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