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by on Oct 18th, 2011

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it’s a start to having my own website. i am just starting out, and am expirimenting with my products, etc. i see already have my own personal lj, and see a lot of WAHM’s have blogs for their products as well.
i know i only have a couple of things listed, but try and tell me how you like it so far. i know i keep asking how i’m doing with this, but feedback helps me perfect my mistakes. please be courteous, i do not appreciate negativity as this is a serious project for me. thank you! :-)
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  • MeatLock October 18, 2011

    i like it, you have talent, keep it up…

  • Randy October 21, 2011

    Very nice site!! keep up the good work.

  • kool_aid October 24, 2011

    It’s a very nice site/blog! It has good presentation and the necessary information and i like the banners/links at the end. And i saw your other question about a name for the company and i do like ”Natural Madison” a lot because of it’s simplicity and you could add underneath the name ‘Natural & Organic Personal Care Produts’ to make it easier to find for search engines.
    And in fact you can search yourself for other websites that sell similar things you’re planing to sell to help you for ideas with yours. Good Luck with everything!

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