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by on Jul 2nd, 2011

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All dog owners should be well aware of the reality that they are the most responsible person and the first one to put emphasis on the importance of potty training a dog. This discipline should be implemented in order to keep your home safe and clean.

There are some effective steps when potty training a dog; following these steps will free you from the hassle and annoyance of cleaning up your pet’s stool every now and then. This works especially with puppies that defecates several times especially after every feeding. Think of the burden that you will face when you don’t train them properly. You will probably be cleaning their mess all day long!

Make it a point to start potty training a dog when it is still young. Make it a habit to take him to a specific corner every time he needs to defecate. You should to do this to make him be accustomed where he needs to do his voiding every time he needs to.

Try to observe your pet and spot any sign that may show that he needs to void. Some of the suggestive actions that may indicate he or she needs to void includes repetitious sniffing the floor and obvious repetitive squatting. When you notice that it starts doing any of these signs; take him to his regular voiding spot. This is one effective initial action in potty training a dog.

When you notice that he has been used to going to the same spot when he needs to poop or pee; start familiarizing your pet with a command associated with voiding. For example, be consistent in saying “Go out and poop/pee” when you notice the indicative signs that he needs to void. He will eventually recognize this phrase and consider it as your command when he needs to void.

Try to be patient when you are potty training your dog. Expect that there will be occasions when he cannot keep up with the habit that you are trying to follow and instill. When this occurs, don’t shout or show that you are mad with him. Just keep trying until you get favorable results.

Do not forget to praise your pet every time he follows your orders especially when he was able to conform to the proper voiding spot. This is one tip that you should not forget when potty training a dog.

Following these sensible tips and guidelines you will soon find out that potty training a dog can be fun and easy too. Discover more ways in raising a well-behaved dog by reading my blog.
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